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For Vertical Machining Center

CVPS |Servo chain type magazine for vertical machining center


◆ Lighten design-customized lighten structure shorten lead time significantly
◆Auto tension adjustment system-Chordal action relief system, keeps chain
tension balance effectively and eliminates annoying issue of chain tension adjustment.
◆MAS encoder reduces cambox size, easy to maintain.
◆New type tool ejection system-
1.easy manual tool loading making tool management easy.
2.Tool spanner is no longer required. Protects tool surface and avoids scratches which cause tool vibration.
3.Increase production capacity. Fast tool loading/unloading reduces machine non-working time.
4.Reduce safety risk factors.

Place of Origin:Taiwan


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Magazine Specification 40#
Tool Specifications BT/CAT/DIN/HSK
Tool loading capacity 40T
Max. tool length 350mm 
Max.tool full diameter full tool φ80mm
Max. tool weight 8kg
Max. tool diameter Φ150mm
Tool arm length 560mm





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