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◆ Unique acceleration and deceleration of the S-curve control, the arm is rotated to the buckle tool, the spindle impact to a minimum, effectively protect the spindle and prolong life.
◆ When using a tool with more than 4KG, follow the heavy tool mode instructions to ensure tool change stability.
◆ Global Initiative Hand Crank Reducer. Exclusive use of the Sanjet's manual rotating crank for the adjustment of operation mechanism.


◆ Single Servo: The magazine motor uses a general motor.
◆ The driver of I/O communication indicates tool magazine loading capacity and output tool disk position signal with encoding type, and it can be used with any brand of controller and system.



Place of Origin:Taiwan


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Magazine Specification 30#  40#
Tool Specification BT/CAT/DIN/ISO/HSK
Tool loading capacity 16/20/24/30/32/36 16/20/24/30/32
Max. tool length 250mm 350mm
Max. tool diameter full tool Ø70mm(16T) / Ø55mm(20T) / Ø60mm(24T) / Ø60mm(30T) /  Ø55mm(32T)/ Ø60mm(36T) Ø85mm(16T) / Ø95mm(20T) /
Ø80mm(24T) /  Ø60mm(28T)/Ø75mm(30T) /Ø75mm(32T)/Ø75mm(40T)
Max. tool weight 3kg  8kg
Tool change time 
(Tool clamp or unclamp time is 0.6 sec)
1.2sec 1.3sec
Tool selection Shortest route tool selection
Magazine motor Single servo
Tool change time 1.2sec 1.3sec
Drive AC 3φ 220V
Air source pressure 3.5-6kg/cm²


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