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SANJET - A small and medium enterprise category located in the center of Taiwan.

Established in 2002, it’s a young and innovative team that is averse to copying others. Always devoted to be an omnibearing magazine manufacturer. With the plainness of the traditional machine industry and only armed with a team of several sales personnel, Sanjet always keeps a low profile yet remains consistent in the production of excellent quality products at competitive prices.We have dedicated itself to new product research and development since founded. 

Sanjet is an owned brand, but we’ll create excellent quality and go beyond customers’ expectation.


SANJET‘s business philosophy is practical and never opportunistic.
“Focus on innovation, teamwork, high-quality product, delivery on time and best service” is our core value.
Also to show our ability of executive, affinity and perseverance is what we required.
Sanjet creates world-class ATC with high quality, beyond customers’ expectation, competitive advantages.
Meanwhile, continue to be the enterprise which keeps offering happiness to everyone.



SANJET currently has three major factories, all located in the Daya District of Taichung City. And the materials management are systematically. The line is smooth that the work efficiency is improved. The area of factory is divided according to the type of machine. 
The line is smooth that the work efficiency is improved.
In order to show empathizes with the colleagues, SANJET 
also installs water-cooling fans and exhaust fans to reduce the discomfort of work.

Quality Control

Quality control system – By the precision device, we can find the tolerance differences when material arrives and when assembling. It offers the examining report to our supplier so they can improve the production processes promptly. We can also modify our processing to achieve the high efficiency and quality. 

Since 2016, we got ISO 9001:2015. We in accordance with the flow path, but use methods appropriate to the current situation. Meeting specifications and create the excellent quality products, beyond customers’ expect.