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For Horizontal Machining Center

HACO |Horizontal Hydraulic arm magazine


◆ Saving space effectively-new chain type can reduce 19% of space
compare to traditional one.
◆ Light weighted design-by using aluminum material to make tool pot
lighter and show the sense of beauty in machine.
◆Automatic tension adjustment system-keep chain to remain tension
and solve the problem that traditional chain has which chain tension
needs to be adjust periodically.
◆Special design of chain-by using rolling rotation method to replace
traditional dragging rotation.
◆ By using tool releasing hook to clip tool pot.
This can reduce the risk of operation injury.

Place of Origin:Taiwan


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Magazine Specification 50#
Tool Specifications BT/CAT/DIN/HSK
Tool loading capacity 120T
Max. tool length 510mm 
Max.tool full diameter full tool φ130mm
Max. tool weight 16kg
Max. tool diameter Φ255mm
Tool arm length 700mm
Tool indexing change time 0.7sec
Change time at tool waiting position 8 sec



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