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TDS PLUS 30T|Tool Magazine Servo Type Tool Magazine


◆To cooperate with management system like tool life management, increment of tool numbers in magazine is definitely a must!
◆compatible with every brand of servo motor, so that the tool changer can connect with control system of the machine.Faster calculation, Faster tool change
◆Our 30 tools, 21 tools and 16 tools tapping tool changer got lots in common, for example, the holes for installation, tool changer supporting rack, guide plate and even tool releasing block. 

Place of Origin:Taiwan


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Tool Specifications BT
Tool loading capacity 30
Max. tool length 250mm
Max. tool diameter  Ø80mm
Max. tool weight 3kg
Max. tool 1270mm
Max. offset loading capacity of magazine 35kg
Max. loading capacity of magazine 52.5kg
Tool  indexing time  0.34sec
Opposing tool rotation time 1.2sec
Driving AC 3Ø 220V /380V
Magazine motor Braker servo motor


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