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DVCAB |Chain Type With Electronic Braker And Tool Arm


◆ Modular design of tool magazine and tool running component can be replaced and customized according to customers’ needs.
◆ Unique design of a pedrail type tool chain. The tool chain runs in a rolling way to reduce abrasions and running noises, and prolong service life.
◆ Servo motor or induction motor is optional.
The buffering function of electronic braker reduces shocks caused by the magazine operation.
◆ The tool change time is stable, won’t be affected by varieties of power supply from different areas and countries.

Place of Origin:TAIWAN


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Magazine Specifications 50#
Tool loading capacity 20T
Tool Specifications HSK A100
Max tool Weight 15KG
Max tool length 350mm
Max tool diameter full tool φ125mm
Max tool adjacent empty tool φ150mm


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