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Welcome to Sanjet International.(aka Sanjet). In order to provide a safe site for you to browse and use, we are here to tell you our privacy policy. To protect your rights, please read the below contents thoroughly.:

1、Privacy protection policy

This policy covers how Sanjet treats personal information that Sanjet collects and receives. This policy does not apply to website links outside of Sanjet. Neither applies to person that is unauthorized by Sanjet.。

2、Information we collect, process and use

  • When you use Sanjet site or use the service we provided, we will need you to give us certain personally data for certain usage. However, we will not use your personal info without your approval outside Sanjet website.
  • When we are using interaction functions like mail box, questionnaire etc., we will keep the info you provide like name, email address, contact method log in time etc.
  • With regular browsing, server will automatically record relevant data. Including IP address of your device, time, server being used, what you browse and click. This will be the data we use for internal purpose and will not give it out to others.
  • In order to provide excellent service, we will collect and analyze the data from our questionnaires. The analyzed result will be shown in numbers or words for internal purpose. If we are going to make the data in public, it will not involve your personal

3、information Protecting

  • Sanjet site has firewall, anti-virus system etc. to protect all the relevant information. also take proper action when needed. Only authorized personnel have the access to your personal info. Authorized personnel have signed NDA contract. If anyone breaks the contact, we will go through law system.
  • If needed, we will authorized other department to provide service to members. Sanjet will ask the person to keep members’ info confidential and make sure the person follows the rules.

4、links outside of Sanjet

Sanjet provides links to other website which you can link to and visit. However, the linked websites do not apply to our privacy protection. You need to look for the privacy protection of the link you click.

5、Policy for sharing personal data with the third parties

Sanjet will not provide, exchange, rent or sell your personally information to any individuals, groups, private firms or public organizations. But according to law or contract contents, some do not apply. Which are as below:

  • By your paper approval。
  • By Law。
  • In order to avoid hazard situation to your life, body, freedom or property
  • When working with government or academic research purpose group, base on the public benefit or research purpose, Sanjet will provide relevant data. However, Sanjet will not expose members’ name.
  • If your behavior in Sanjet website against the service agreement or may harm or interfere other users' rights or cause any damage, Sanjet will share your personal information to identify, contact or pursue law action after evaluate the situation.
  • Your Rights.
  • When Sanjet authorizes some department to collect , process or use your personally information, Sanjet will supervise the department or individual properly


To provide better service, Sanjet may set and access Sanjet cookies on your computer. If you do not want to accept Sanjet cookie, you can change the privacy setting in your browser. However, it may cause some functions not working as normal in Sanjet website

7、privacy Term Modification

Privacy term will be revised any time when needed. Revised one will be shown on the site as well.