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HACO |Horizontal Hydraulic arm magazine


◆ A modular transmission mechanism consisting of hydraulic motor and positioning hydraulic cylinder.
◆ A transmission mechanism consisting of servo motor and low backlash speed reducer.
◆Original tool eject system(optional)
— Tool removal spanner is not required, protect tool contact surface
— Fast tool loading, reduce machine non-working time, inprove production capacity
— Reduce dangerous factors
◆ The robotic arm features three-position moving,motion which increases tool preparation position of tool change and shortens moving time.
◆ Self-complement mechanism:
Maintain chain tension effectively, eliminate traditional chain annoying issue of chain tension adjustment after long term usage.

Place of Origin:Taiwan


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Magazine Specification 50#
Tool Specification BT(BBT)/CAT/DIN/HSK
Tool loading capacity 32/40/60/90/120(Customized)
Max. tool length 510mm 
Max. tool diameter full tool φ130mm
Max. tool weight 25kg
Tool indexing time 0.7sec 1sec
Tool change time According to stroke length
Drive Servo motor Hydraulic motor
Tool selection Shortest route tool selection
Driving voltage AC3φ220V(Excluding customer motors)
Hydraulic source pressure 30-60kg/cm2



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